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We invite you to visit a class with your preschooler, toddler or baby. Plan to spend 45 minutes being led in enriching and stimulating musical activities (simple songs, instrument play, free form dance) to enjoy with your child(ren) and all the other families. Siblings are welcome.

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Jan 02, 2017
Mr. Mark Opens Sticks Songbook

Watch this! Mr. Mark just got the Sticks Song Book. See what songs and activities are in store for this winter. This is a favorite collection with upbeat songs, rythmic chants, lovely slow songs, and culturally diverse music that is just the right antedote to short, wintry days. (Click the image to see the full video)

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Because All Children Are Musical

All children are musical. So is yours!

You have a primary role in nurturing the musical growth of your child.

5 compelling reasons that Mr. Mark's Music Together® is important for your child.

  1. Music is social. People are social. Put them together. Children learn music best in a social setting... Read more... 
  2. Music Together materials are created with care.  
  3. From birth to about age 6, children are in a sensitive period for learning music. Read more...
  4. Children, including siblings, of different ages are all welcome to participate at the same time. Parents and caregivers participate. Read more...
  5. Mr. Mark has been teaching music for over sixteen years. Read more...

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