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Celebrate Summer with Singing!

Join our six week session this summer. The perfect length session to have music in your life and partake of all the other joys summer has to offer.
And you'll have plenty of songs to hum through all your great outdoor activities!

Spring Session Starts April 2

What makes Mr. Mark's Music Together a real standout to our current families? Live instruments! Mr. Mark plays the guitar and provides rhythmic and tonal instruments so everyone else can play along. Our next 10 week session begins on April 2. With classes 7 days a week there is bound to be a class for you. Check out the schedule and register today!

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Because All Children Are Musical

5 compelling reasons that Mr. Mark's Music Together® is important for your child.

  1. Superior class design with a family-like atmosphere... Read more... 
  2. Outstanding musical selection.  
  3. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers absorb musicality through exposure (similar to aquiring language). Read more...
  4. You get digital versions of all the songs that become part of your child's everyday world. Read more...
  5. Mr. Mark plays his guitar every class. Your child sees the music being made. Read more...

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