Mark's Musings

Community support
By Mark Adamczyk on June 08, 2010

I just have to gush for a minute or two. I am getting such positive responses and encouragement from my families about my new centers and classes. I have to give up teaching at an Evanston location in order to focus on my centers and my families there are all bummed about that--but even so, they're so darned supportive for me and my new endeavor. It's just touching, I don't have a better word for it at the moment (although I'm 85% sure there IS a better one). Gosh, I know a lot of nice people, how cool is that?

I have this habit of calling my families, well, "my families". I guess I take this teaching thing kind of personally. I think of my classes as big family gatherings. (Some classes with long-time-attending families have become sort of their own "family" group, friends who start hanging out together in other locations besides music class.) Big, fun family gatherings, mind you, not those tense kinds of gathering that you see enacted in plays and movies and such.

So, anyway, to all my families that have been encouraging me and my new centers, thank you, thank you, thank you.

choosing a name for my center
By Mark Adamczyk on May 14, 2010

I just got "officially" approved for my center license, so I might appear a bit smug-looking the next time you see me. I'm walking on a cloud, this all so cool. I can legally run a center, offer classes at that center, teach classes (which I could already do, I just don't need an adult's permission any longer) at said center, pay bills at.....rats, I knew there was a catch.

One thing that didn't get approved right away was the name of my new center. I had a real cute idea, took me all of 10 minutes to think up, took corporate all of 10 minutes to shoot down. I submitted another, still no go. This kept going on and on. I think the name I finally got permission to use (the one you're looking at, dear reader) was allowed just to get me to stop bugging people and get on with other things, like offering classes.

I thought I would share with you some of the names for my center that I tried to use, but for some reason or other were all rejected. I can't pick my favorite, I love them all: (you have to say it out loud to get the full effect) (okay, not very original) (that's Music Together® backwards. Amazingly, that website name is still available!) (admittedly a bit long) (actually I used something a bit stronger that "gosh darned". That may have been the problem.) (I should've guessed that one wouldn't fly.) (the shakespeare slant didn't go over with corporate)

Iacta alea est
By Mark Adamczyk on May 03, 2010

Well, here I am. After teaching MT for ten years at other music schools, working for other center directors, and saying to my families countless times, "Y'know, If this was MY center, here is what I would do...", I am no longer in a position to say "If" but instead I must fess up and preface pronouncements with "This IS my center, here is what I AM going to do". The biggest change, so far, is that I now make my pronouncements to an empty room or send them off to an oblivious cyberspace. I have actual flesh-and-blood-and-smiles families over at the music schools. Nobody here yet, except me, and I don't have the prerequisite young child anymore. So why am I making the leap into this entrepreneurial role where I don't know anybody (because, as of today, there isn't anybody to known)? Partly because I am being kicked out of the comfy nest at the music school. (Ahhh, how spring like! Out of the nest like a new-born chick, winging to freedom.) Mostly because I've sorta, kinda, shoulda wanted to do this ever since the first time I said to some of my families, "Y'know, if this was MY center....".

Now it's my center.