Five Reasons to Take Music Together®

All Children Are Musical! 

  1. Music is social. People are social. Put them together. Children learn music best in a social setting singing, moving, and playing musical instruments with family members and friends. The emotional connection enhances children's experience and learning.
  2. Music Together materials are created with care. The take-home music and songbooks are attractive to children and parents alike. The nine song collections will give you and your children a repetoire of over 200 lovable, memorable and culturally diverse songs over the course of three years.
  3. From birth to about age 6, children are in a sensitive period for learning music. If they have the opportunity to experience musical play, they internalize the ability to hold a tune and keep the beat. This is crucial preparation for formal instrument, vocal or dance lessons. A musical disposition allows your child to appreciate, enjoy, and participate in making music for the rest of his or her life.
  4. Siblings of different ages are all welcome to participate at the same time. Parents and caregivers participate. Often grandparents come. This is not only convenient but creates a musical "extended family" that is a natural way for children to learn and for adults to share in their development.
  5. Mr. Mark has been teaching music for over sixteen years. He has oodles of relevant experience with young children and his spontaniety, coupled with experience, allow him to fully utilize and incorporate what your child is doing in class to enhance the development of all.