Class description

"If your family did this stuff in a restaurant, they'd ask you to leave."

So when you want to take the kids out, take 'em someplace really fun. That's a Music Together® class in a nutshell. Where you can get a little nutty with your child, sing up a storm, dance like crazy.

So what's with all the crazy? Children learn by playing. A Music Together class is THE place to spend playful time with your child, singing off key, dancing wildly, just your basic quality time with your youngster.



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mixed age

These are mixed age classes, inviting children ages birth to kindergarten with adult caregiver. (Remember, older siblings and siblings under 6 months attend for free!) Infants benefit from this class as do the older children. We strongly encourage them to be in attendance, hence the price break for them.


A free Music Together class that allows prospective families to experience the fun between regular sessions. You can also schedule to visit a single class for free, with center director approval, during our regular sessions.