What's New

Virtual Classes for Everyone!

Everyone is invited to our virtual classes! Gather round with all your friends as you join Mr. Mark twice a week for music and fun! Get your instruments, blankets, scarves & noisemakers and let all your friends play, too!

Winter Bells session starts January 4. Registration open now.

Visit a Virtual Class

How fun can an on-line Music Together® class with Mr. Mark be? Visit a virtual class as Mr. Mark's guest to find out. Music classes where young children can interact with their family and Mr. Mark in a cozy, stress-free environment (your home!) and respond, physically and emotionally, to a wide variety of musical moods and activities, are a welcome joy anytime, but especially so in stressful times. Experience the joy of our classes and watch your child respond to the music. 

Sign up for a demo class here

Fall Session Bongos Collection

TThe Bongos Collection of songshe Fall Session starts the 3rd week of September. It's all virtual classes with the focus on music-making and no focus on finding parking. :-) Each week is two shorter on-line classes which is great for spreading the music dates out and making each class a focused, energetic and fun event. Lots of interaction between your family, Mr. Mark, and other families! One fee covers ALL your family! Sign up today to get your preferred days and times.

Online Classes Are Going Great!

Online classes are going great. Mr. Mark is still playing his guitar and interacting with children in a spontaneous playful way. Most importantly, parents are interacting with their children in a "live" musical experience, which is FUN and wonderfully stimulating.