Five Reasons to Take Music Together®

All Children Are Musical! 

  1. Superior class design with a family-like atmosphere allows music to be explored and enjoyed in a social context.  Children learn music best in a social setting singing, moving, and playing musical instruments with family members and friends (we see siblings, aunts, grandparents and other loving care-givers regularly). Every class starts with the Hello Song.  The emotional connection enhances children's experience and learning. Together the group does several songs in a variety of tones and rhythms, culminating in a play-along song (Mr. Mark plays a new song every week on his guitar) a free-dance. We wind down with a lullaby and a good-bye song.
  2. Outstanding musical selection. Every 10 week session centers around 24 unique songs covering common and unusual tonal and rhythm patterns to expose your child to the a diverse range of musical experience. The song collections include original and traditional music reflecting music from many cultures and backgrounds. Adults and children enjoy the music. Any one song collection stands on its own. All nine song collections will give you and your children a repetoire of over 200 lovable, memorable and culturally diverse songs over the course of three years.
  3. Babies, toddlers and preschoolers absorb musicality through exposure (similar to aquiring language). If children between the time of birth to about age 6 have the opportunity to experience musical play, they internalize the ability to hold a tune and keep the beat. This is crucial preparation for formal instrument, vocal or dance lessons.  It also comes in handy when singing in a choir or doing less formal music education, like learning the recorder for fun. A musical disposition allows your child to appreciate, enjoy, and participate in making music for the rest of his or her life.
  4. You get digital versions of all the songs that become part of your child's everyday world. You also get a lovely song book of the songs that many children "read" like a book. For adults, the song book has background information and tips for musical activities at home. Many families, even parents!, find themselves listening to their Music Together collection regularly in the car and at home. The digital songs and the book are a lovely way for children to share their experience with siblings and grandparents as well.
  5. Mr. Mark plays his guitar every class. Your child sees music being made. The music does not just magically come through speakers in our classes, it is produced live. The instruments the children use and Mr. Mark's guitar plant the seeds for children imagining the potential for music making.

Mr. Mark has been teaching music for over sixteen years. He has oodles of relevant experience with young children and his spontaniety, coupled with experience, allow him to fully utilize and incorporate what your child is doing in class to enhance the development of all.