Downloading/Streaming the Current Song Collection

Here are some guidelines for downloading/streaming the current song collection.

First off, I remind you that the website holds all sorts of resources that can enhance your family's participation in the Music Together® program at Mr. Mark's Music Together. These resources are in the Family Music Zone at But wait! Before you can access all the goodies therein--first time user--you have to register an account, and to do that you need the Access Code that's tucked inside your Music Together Song Book. Armed with that code, and with a handy-dandy password that YOU have to make up, you can register with Music Together here. (You can also get to these locations by going to and selecting the "Current Families" tab near the top right.)

Okay, once you are in the Family Music Zone, as an acredited member of the worldwide Music Together community, you can get some music (which is the very same music as on your song collection CD). You should be at the page and selecting the tab Music, you should have a list of your song collection(s).

Note that your collections are cumulative. The longer you are a Music Together family--the more sessions you sign up for--the more collections you have on-line. They don't go away when a session ends--we want you and your child to keep on singing!

If you don't see any song collections available (as in, this is your first time in the Family Music Zone), aha!, you have to enter that Access Code that is printed inside the front cover of YOUR songbook. There is an Access Code tab, go there and punch in the code. Then you should see the songs in the list.

You can stream a song by clicking on its icon. Or click on the song player at the top of the list to stream the entire song collection in order. You can even download each and all the songs as mp3 files to play (over and over) from your [fill in the name of your favorite music playing device].