Information for Families Enrolled in a Music Class

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Welcome to Mr. Mark’s Music Together® for the Spring Session, 2019, featuring the Music Together Tambourine Song Collection.

This page contains important information useful for families enrolled in a Music Class. A paper copy of this is also given to each family on the first day of class.

Congratulations on choosing to spend time making music with your child. These early childhood music experiences will provide immediate pleasure and life-long benefits. You’ve chosen one of the oldest and most thoroughly researched and deeply rooted music programs for young children.

This is the only paper newsletter you will get from me but I will communicate with you often outside of class via email. Make sure you are getting (and reading) emails from (I do send through Constant Contact – FYI.) I regularly send out emails with announcements, class stories, helpful hints about how to make your class experience even better, and insights on child development as it relates to our music-making. You will find the emails informative, useful, thought-provoking and necessary to making your classes truly wonderful experiences for your child and your family.

Attendance and Make-Ups. I want you to have all your face time in the 10 classes, so I encourage you to make up any missed class by visiting another class on another day at the same or different location. There is a make-up class scheduler on my web site ( under the section “Current Families”) where you can pick a make-up class or classes.

Enclosed is a book (with all the lyrics and engaging graphics!) and a CD of the music we will use in class. In addition, you can download/stream your music and access exclusive content from the Family Music Zone or Hello Everybody app.  Online, visit (create an account or log in) and enter the Family Music Code that is printed on the inside cover of your songbook. You will be able to enjoy the music everywhere!

Let’s stay healthy! We like “clean” instruments in class, so if your child puts an instrument in his or her mouth (which is okay from a developmental point of view), please spray it before it gets put away, with the alcohol that Mr. Mark has in the room. There is also hand sanitizer in the class for your family’s use. And if you or your child is not well (it happens, sigh), please consider a make-up class on another day.

Parents often ask me “what can I do to enhance my child’s musical ability?” Honestly, the best thing you can do now at your child’s age is to join me in singing, playing instruments and dancing in class. When your child sees you doing these things s/he will want to do them, too. Just know, his or her wanting to make music doesn’t always reveal itself to adults immediately. Keep calm and shake that tambourine – or do whatever activity is being offered! Modeling, instead of directing, takes patience and really pays off!

You are in the company of some very cool families, who want the best for their children, as you do for yours. I have seen friendships form as families decide to get together outside of class. Snacks or parks after class are tons of fun, as are other playdates throughout the week. And your children will already have something in common – music they know!

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Description automatically generatedI love hearing about what your child does between classes. I often hear that children who are silent in class sing constantly as the CD plays in the car or at home.  Tell me what your child has been up to with the songs and with music-making at home. I am always ready to improve our class experience, so suggestions (and compliments and criticisms) are always welcome.