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Note: If you want to sign up for the FREE demonstration class (you and your child/children), use this form to contact us and tell us you are planning to join in the fun. Use this form for questions about the demonstration class (or anything else related to young children, child development and music). Or just give us a call at (847) 207-2936. 

Here is it: our version of the "comment form" But rest assured, dear reader, your questions, comment, and requests will not go off to some faceless employee in some anonymous corporate hierarchy (unless our web site is not set up correctly...).  We want to hear from you, and even more importantly, we want the chance to respond. And remember that old adage: If you are thinking of asking a question, that means there are 17 other people with the same question who are hoping you ask it so they don't have to. (I think that's how it goes...)


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