What Families Say About Music Together®

"My 11 month old loves this music class! She will even stop crying in the car when I put on the Music Together CD. Thank you, Mr. Mark."

--AMT, mom of a Lake Bluff family

"I enrolled my 9 month old daughter in Mr. Mark's Music Together class this Summer and it was a fantastic experience! Before the class began I wasn't sure how active she would be able to be or how the dynamic of a mixed age class would be since I knew she would likely be one of the youngest students. I am so happy that I decided to give it a try! It was a wonderful experience! My daughter absolutely loved the class! Mr. Mark has a gift for teaching music to the young children in his classes. He knew each child's name by the end of the first class and was somehow flawlessly able to engage each child in class at their own level. He naturally makes each child feel good about whatever level of participation they are at and can scaffold his instruction to meet the needs of the youngest and oldest students in class within moments of each other. The exposure to different age appropriate instruments was also very fun! Each week the students were excited to see what fun things Mr. Mark brought to class. My daughter loves the songs we learned and the CD we were provided is a go to for long car rides or just music time at home. It was a great activity for us to do together. Mr. Mark's class is wonderful and we look forward to continuing to participate in the future. I would highly recommend it!"

--KT, mom of a Mundelein family

"Our daughter took Music Together classes for almost 4 years.  She is now 7 and she is considered "Advanced" in her music classes even though she has never taken private music classes (i.e. an instrument).  Her school music teacher comments on how she has great conceptual music skills and is able to understand complicatd beats and "hear" a variety of musical notes.  I attribute this to her time with the wonderful Music Together teachers and the excellent Music Together program."

--EC, mom of a Libertyville family

If you are--or were--a Music Together family and want to share something about Music Together that would benefit new families, please considering sending it to us to include on this page.