I just got "officially" approved for my center license, so I might appear a bit smug-looking the next time you see me. I'm walking on a cloud, this all so cool. I can legally run a center, offer classes at that center, teach classes (which I could already do, I just don't need an adult's permission any longer) at said center, pay bills at.....rats, I knew there was a catch.

One thing that didn't get approved right away was the name of my new center. I had a real cute idea, took me all of 10 minutes to think up, took corporate all of 10 minutes to shoot down. I submitted another, still no go. This kept going on and on. I think the name I finally got permission to use (the one you're looking at, dear reader) was allowed just to get me to stop bugging people and get on with other things, like offering classes.

I thought I would share with you some of the names for my center that I tried to use, but for some reason or other were all rejected. I can't pick my favorite, I love them all:

www.moosik2gedder.com (you have to say it out loud to get the full effect)

www.yetanothermusictogethersite.com (okay, not very original)

www.rehtegotcisum.com (that's Music Together® backwards. Amazingly, that website name is still available!)

www.markandallhiscuddleywuveypalsywalsymusicalmakingfriendipoos.com (admittedly a bit long)

www.thebestgoshdarnedmusictogetherwebsiteever.com (actually I used something a bit stronger that "gosh darned". That may have been the problem.)

www.ladygagapresentsmusictogether.com (I should've guessed that one wouldn't fly.)

www.ifmusicbethefoodofloveplayonmusictogether.com (the shakespeare slant didn't go over with corporate)