The Winter Session is heading toward its inevitable conclusion, so one more week of songs from the Bells Collection in class. Coming up, the Triangle song collection for the Spring Session, more wonderful songs and musical experiences for you and your child. As my families (um, that’s you, dear reader) get ready to make the switch to a new collection, I am reminded of some of the amusing stories I have heard from parents in the past about being so-o-o-o ready for new songs—but, the youngest member of the family is not on-board with that switch and so the previous song collection stays on top rotation far into the new session. Most children fall in love with a Music Together® song collection, and some have a hard time parting with it, even temporarily until they end up falling in love with the new collection. Those songs become very “real” and important to your child, just as a favorite stuffed/plastic animal/doll/train engine has to be taken EVERYWHERE, or a favorite picture book has to be re-revisited (“Read it AGAIN!”). It’s a comfort thing, as your child literally “grows” (develops) familiar with each song experience (some more, some less—but don’t try skipping the ones that you like less!) All people—especially children--are musical, capable of taking in music from the outside world (your car, our classes, lullaby time) and using it to develop their brain’s musicalness. But all people don’t develop the same musical vocabulary, because musical style is cultural. We are most comfortable with the musical styles we experience from infancy as we grow up. Fortunately, the Music Together songs cover a spectrum of musical styles (leaning toward Western Musical traditions, but also a bit beyond to other cultures). Children get a healthy variety of musical styles with our songs, especially when you start adding up the different collections of songs (“Bongos”, “Bells”, “Triangle”, etc.) over extended participation in Music Together classes.

Sometimes, though, your toddler doesn’t seem to consider a breadth of musical experience to be the utmost priority, and wants to sticks (hah, hah, get it? “Stick?”) with his or her favorite. (And CDs and streaming, unlike the vinyl LPs of yesteryear, don’t physically wear out.)

Hey, parents who have done more than one Music Together session so far, do you have any stories about making the song collection switch with your child? Did it go smoothly with your young music critic? Did it take some finessing and negotiating? Are you still singing to the Flutes collection from last Spring? I’d love to hear your story!