Musical Resources

Okay, you’ve got the Fiddles Collection songbook with its engaging pictures, you are listening to the Fiddle songs with your child (on CD or streaming from some other device), you are SINGING (hint, hint) the songs to your child, you show up for class with your child and have a great time….can you believe that Mr. Mark and Music Together® have tips and resources to help you get so much MORE out of Mr. Mark’s Music Together classes?

For starters, the songbook has LOTS of great ideas about specific activities to do with the songs. Make sure you are reading the “small print” in the book while your child ponders the pictures and try out some of the suggestions—and try your own ideas! (Let me hear about them via email or in class!)

It’s never too early to start building your family’s own instrument tray. It could start with a couple of old wooden spoons, but over time it will fill with all sorts of simple noise makers that come out for family music time. It will fill faster when you tell relatives that simple instruments/noise makers make swell holiday and birthday gifts for your young child.

My web site,, has all the “hard facts” on class schedules and make-ups (you DO know you can schedule a make-up class on my web site, don’t you?), but there’s a lot of “soft” stuff there, too. Articles on music-making and child development; links to fun videos for your family, sometimes featuring yours truly, links to other fun things to do with your family that are young-child-friendly.

The “corporate” web site has all sorts of additional resources, as well as the on-line song files. More articles on music-making and—wait for it—child development. Videos for the adults. Coloring pages related to the songs for your toddlers and preschoolers. More musical activity suggestions. There is also a “company store” section where you can purchase (or better yet, have relatives purchase) good quality instruments like the ones we use in class.

The Music Together store also sells picture books related to some specific songs from our song collections. But, moreover, you’ll find picture books that match many of the songs at your local library (where you go every week anyway, am I right?) You’ll find books that illustrate traditional songs like This Little Light of Mine or Shenandoah or Crawdad or Ram Sam Sam. You can get a picture book about bees to look at while you chant Here is the Beehive or a book about cats to go with Mississippi Cats. Haha, you can watch cat videos on your computer while you rock-out chanting Mississippi Cats!

What other musical resource ideas do you have?